Rachel (cutiepiegurl12) wrote in noneedforlooks,

my application.

Name: Rachel
Age: 15 and a half (actually more than a half but w/e)
Birthday: August 4th

10 musical artists you love: i love anything lol.
10 musical artists you hate: mainly country singers. argh!
Favorite song: it depends on my mood. like i said, i love anything.
Read any good books lately? Which ones?: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (it sounds stupid from the title but its actually really good..the movie comes out june 3rd!)
5 favorite movies: the notebook, a walk to remember, mean girls, back to the future, shawshank redemption, little women, the butterfly effect..ahh so many! the list goes on!
Favorite actor: orlando bloom
Favorite actress: umm mandy moore i guess?
Do you play video games? If so, what are your favorite games? nope..although over the summer i believe it was, my brother rediscovered sega, and the only game i was good at was sonic so that was my fav lol
Do you think Tidus or Yuna is hot? who?
Hobbies: the usual stuff
Pet peeves: when people cant read out loud in class! sometimes i just wanna slap them for not pronouncing things right or reading things wrong. gr. sorry, that probably made me sound like a meanie lol, but im not!!
Dreams for the future?: i have many, but they are "personal" dreams..sorry!
Single or not? Wanna share a pic if you have a sweetie?: Single
Do you like my community? yes bc cynthia is the shizznit
Would you rather prefer being judged on looks also? no, cause id lose!
Any other information you want to share? um..dunno

:PICTURES:(if you have any, I'm not gonna rate you on these but I will make nice comments!
i dont know how to post pics, but u can check out my myspace if u want lol
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