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C'mon, Judge me already!

Name: Mackenzie Lane
Age: 18
Birthday: May 9, 1987

10 musical artists you love: taking back sunday, bowling for soup, the used, my chemical romance, brand new, bright eyes, straylight run, slingshot57, underoath, atreyu, guttermouth.
10 musical artists you hate(if you can't think if 10 it's okay): britney spears, r kelly, ashlee simpson, cradle of filth...
Favorite song: Bowling For Soup - Bipolar
Read any good books lately? Which ones?: Beach House
5 favorite movies: Trainspotting, Eternal Sunshine, Fight Club, Waking Life, SLC Punk
Favorite actor: Ewan McGregor
Favorite actress: Brittney Murphy
Do you play video games? If so, what are your favorite games? Tetris. Yeah, I'm old school.
Do you think Tidus or Yuna is hot? wtf?
Hobbies: macramae, writing, drawing, singing, dancing, driving
Pet peeves: i hate terrible grammar. "yins"
Dreams for the future?: i will be happy.
Single or not? Wanna share a pic if you have a sweetie?: Taken. ( below )
Do you like my community? pssshhh, duh!
Would you rather prefer being judged on looks also? no
Any other information you want to share? i rock your socks. <333

:PICTURES:(if you have any, I'm not gonna rate you on these but I will make nice comments! :-)

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me and me "sweeite"

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come back to texas!

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i dyed my hair red, yay.
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