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"C'mon! Judge me already!"

Name: Victoria
Age: 27 (28 in less than a month...NOOOOOOOO!!!!!) Am I the oldest here? =P
Birthday: 23 May 77

10 musical artists you love: In no particular order...wait thats not entirely true, the first 5 are pretty much in order of most favourite. Bon Jovi, CRUMB, GC, RHCP, John Frusciante, Bee Gees, Alanis Moressette, Alice Cooper, Texas, Matchbox 20.
10 musical artists you hate(if you can't think if 10 it's okay): Marilyn Manson, Offspring, Most Hip hop artists, bring on the RAWK! Christina Aguilera, N'Sync, Steps.
Favorite song: There's no way in hell I can pick just one. I have trouble picking one from each artist/band I'm into! "Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake. It's one of my all time favourite songs, but I know it's cheesy, but I like to think of it as one of my lifes theme songs.
Read any good books lately? Which ones?: The last book I read was Dan Browns "The DiVinci Code", I highly recommend it! Hunter S Thompson "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" I've read it a few times,the last time being about a month ago. Right now I'm half way through "Sybil" the story of a woman who has multiple personalities. It's very interesting!
5 favorite movies: Dirty Dancing, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Rock Star, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Detroit Rock City
Favorite actor: Jon Bon Jovi he has acting credits to his name now. *nods head vigorously*
Favorite actress: Queen Latifa, the woman can do no wrong!
Do you play video games? If so, what are your favorite games? NO
Do you think Tidus or Yuna is hot?um...who?
Hobbies: My rock journal/scrap book thingy, Driving, reading, dancing, singing, movies, collecting lotsa Bon Jovi stuffs (and other things, but the Jovi collection is the biggest)
Pet peeves: People breathing near me, germs, leaving the top off the tooth paste (GRRRR), idiots, not covering food in the fridge, leaving the toilet seat up
Dreams for the future?: To see Bon Jovi in concert again. Have a promotional for CRUMB. (Wellington band whom I adore. I am currently working on it, this will be a reality.
Single or not? Wanna share a pic if you have a sweetie?: I don't have a sweetie. I'm saving myself for Jon Bon Jovi. One of these days he will wake up and realize he can no longer keep up the charade with his wife and that I am the one for him.
Do you like my community? I think the idea behind it is really great. There should be more out there like it.
Would you rather prefer being judged on looks also? Not really. I watched a recent episode of Nip/Tuck and a blind woman said this, when Christian said, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."
Blind woman: " no, Pretty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is in the soul"
I agree whole heartedly.
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