Cynthia C (ddr_shorti) wrote in noneedforlooks,
Cynthia C

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Where are you people?

Hey! This is the first entry of this community! There is obviously no one but me and I am the mod so please come apply! I will be nice, I promise! Here is a pic of me if you need a visual! I am nothing special! It's ok!

Image hosted by
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Once upon a time I was on your friends list. Then you disowned me or something </3 *sniff sniff* I went to comment on your entry that says "friend only, comment to be added!" but have it so only friends can comment on your journal. I cannot comment to ask to be added since you have everyone who isn't your friend blocked from asking to be one :p Might wanna fix that. Anywho, readd me? <3
Aw I'm sorry, I guess I was deleting people who I didn't really know or ya know met through lj. But I will add you back! No worries! Wanna join my community? lol
why doesn't anyone ever post on this thing?