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C'mon! Judge me already!

Shannon C (from Ottawa, Canada)
14 years old
Born on September 28th

10 musical artists I love:
1. Rise Against
2. Bob Marley
3. Skindred
4. Weezer
5. Three Doors Down
6. Eric Clapton
7. Red Hot Chili Peppers
8. The Used
9. Sublime
10. Smile Empty Soul

10 musical artists I hate:
1. G-Unit
2. Jojo
3. Celine Dion
4. 50 Cent
5. Any other guys who think they can make videos that degrade women as well as themselves.

Favorite song: hmm...currently...Nobody - Skindred

Read any good books lately? Which ones?: 1984 - George Orwell

5 favorite movies:
1. Titanic
2. Save The Last Dance
3. Wayne's World
4. A Walk To Remember
5. Footloose

Favorite actor: Shane West, Heath Ledger, Trent Ford, Sean Patrick Thomas...

Favorite actress: Julia Stiles, Mandy Moore

Do you play video games? If so, what are your favorite games? Mario! From the original Nintendo. :)

Do you think Tidus or Yuna is hot? umm who?

Hobbies: Guitar, music, writing, cooking, sleeping.

Pet peeves: Don't really have any.

Dreams for the future?: To travel the world, get married, raise a family, live happy.

Single or not?: Taken...Here's one of us
And here's my fun with Photo Shop (those are our hands)

And lastly, us and our attempt at serious faces

Do you like my community? If I didn't do you think I'd be filling this out right now?

Would you rather prefer being judged on looks also? Nope, never

I recently got dreadlocks, so here's what i look like now. sorry i don't really have any front picture with the new hair :)

Please be nice :)

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+The Used, Smile Empty Soul, Three Doors Down
+not liking those nasty rappers
+A Walk to Remember, Save the Last Dance
++Shane West (I LOVE HIM!)& Julia Stiles
+Guitar, music, writing
-having no pet peeves..cmon you must get annoyed at something! lol
Extra stuff: You and your bf look cute together, your dreads are rad lol and also, Tidus and Yuna are video game characters from Final Fantasy X. It's a really awesome game. :-)

thanks! :)
+birthday is two days before mine. woot! haha!
+weezer, three doors down & sublime
+hating all those people. excellent! and you have good reason to hate them, too! double plus!
+1984 - George Orwell; I have yet to read this, but
+save the last dance and a walk to remember--both very excellent dramas.
+Shane West, Heath Ledger & Julia Stiles
+guitar & sleeping. sleeping = great answer! lol
-don't have any pet peeves? you don't get annoyed? o.O quite a talent, i wish i had it.. damn.
+dreadlocks! wow you really remind me of my friend Amy...

wow so there was only one thing i didn't like. holy crap!
dude, you're awesome. that's all.
yay! :D thanks!
you lookish awsome!!! *nods*
hehe spanks
spank you very much is the proper way to say it my dear. *giggles* your very welcome. *nods*